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RACING SEASON IS NOW THROUGH WEEK 18. We are halfway home!

(July 12, 2015) Greetings all! 18 weeks on the books and we have all kind of things going on. HILL has taken the lead but has a lot of company up near the top. Running in second and third is DALE JR FOR THE WIN and TEAM JWL. Those two have been there for quite some time. ORTON21S is running in 4th just 80 points out of the lead and rounding out the top 5 is WLC RACING. So we have teams that have established themselves for the season, but we still have 18 more races to go. So there is a lot of racing to go.

Each week as you know we pay out 5 weekly winners. This past week, YAMMYHAHA took the top prize with a nice score of 760 points. In order to see the winning team names, use the side bar menu and click on weekly winners. Current week shows up as the default, just use the drop down below it to pick a different week and see all the previous winners. For standings you will do the same thing. Just as a note, all prizes will be mailed to the name and address on the entry form. So far I have sent out weekly winners through week 12 and am planning to send another set out this week.

Second half season starts this Sunday July 19th. This is a whole new game with another set of prizes. You can use the menu on the top to get to the second half league and pick your team just like you picked your full season team. This gives you another chance to score with a big prize this year. So if your FULL SEASON team is not doing well, here is a chance to make amends and pick a new team and have a second chance. If you team is running good, that great too, this will give you a chance to win even more prize money. Check us out as we go live on race 19 this Sunday July 19th.

If you have any questions or thoughts please e-mail those to me at

Thank you.




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